Sexism and misogyny in Baw Baw election campaigns: Councillor – Baw Baw 2012
 Baw Baw News   By // 02:43, Tuesday 16 October 2012

NORTH ward councillor Mel Neil has accused a number of candidates in this year’s council elections of sexism, saying they are fighting for an all-male council.

Cr Neil said in a blog post certain candidates want to take the Baw Baw “back [to] the 1950’s”, however did not identify who she believes these candidates are.


“With the debate in our Federal Parliament denigrating to sexism and misogyny, it is a timely reminder of what is happening right in our own back yard,” Cr Neil said.

“There is a strong push towards a council that is steeped ‘back in the 1950’s’ when a ‘bunch of blokes’ would sit around and make the decisions.”

“These are some of the frightening comments being made by some of our current candidates.”

Several other candidates have told The Warragul Citizen they have similar concerns to those of Cr Neil, but none have identified any candidates.


The present council has four female and five male councillors.

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