Snow Train back this weekend!
 Baw Baw News   By // 13:55, Saturday 4 August 2018

Missed out on seeing the heritage Snow Train travel through Baw Baw last weekend? Don’t worry – it’s coming back on Sunday!

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Volunteer-run organisation Steamrail operates the steam locomotive-hauled services, which bring tourists from the city to Gippsland to experience snow and other local attractions.


Steamrail has released a timetable for Sunday’s run, but be aware this could change at any time – Saturday’s train arrived in Warragul around 35 minutes late! Keep an eye on the Steamrail Facebook page for any updates.

The train is due to leave Newport at 7.19am, arriving at Pakenham at 8.48am. It will reach Warragul by 9.45am, Moe at 10.20am, and Traralgon at 11.05am.

On return to the city, the train will leave Traralgon at 4.52pm, getting to Moe at 5.25pm, Warragul at 6pm, and Pakenham at 6.48pm.

Oh, and it should go without saying, but don’t stand in the rail corridor to watch the train come through! Steamrail states on its social media: “It is IMPERATIVE that if you chose to see the train from a passenger platform, ensure you remain behind the yellow line at all times and if viewing the train line-side, ensure you do not enter the railway corridor or trespass at any time and remain well clear from the edge of any railway track, this includes railway sidings, yards (used & disused) and the main lines where trains pass by.”


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