Surveys probe candidates – Baw Baw 2012
 Baw Baw News   By // 22:13, Monday 8 October 2012

First published in Issue 7 of The Warragul Citizen, released 5 October 2012. Get it now!

TWO surveys from lobby groups have been sent to candidates in the upcoming Baw Baw Shire council elections.

Music Victoria is surveying candidates in all Victorian councils on their attitudes to local music.

The survey asks candidates if they will support the development of a council music strategy and what they consider the biggest issues facing musicians and live music in their municipality are.


Candidates are also asked if they are aware of live music regulatory issues and what initiatives they would consider to support local music if elected.

Responses to the survey will be published on the Music Victoria website, and candidates must make their

submissions by October 12.

A survey from new lobby group Baw Baw Community Alliance asks candidates if they will support an audit of the council’s finances.


The survey also asks candidates if they will adhere the Local Government Act, by which all Councillors are legally required to abide by.

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