Tradition and turnout at Warragul Remembrance Day ceremony
 Baw Baw News   By // 11:22, Friday 13 November 2015

wreath laying remembrance day warragul servicd 2015 by william pj kulich for warragul baw baw citizen

WARRAGUL // IT MAY not draw the crowds Anzac Day does, but this year’s Remembrance Day service in Warragul pleased Warragul RSL president Noel Tucker.

Above: Students laying a wreath at the Warragul Remembrance Day ceremony. Photo: William PJ Kulich

On Wednesday at 11:00 the sheltered area near the town cenotaph was overflowing with people wishing to pay their respects to fallen soldiers. Many schools and community groups laid wreaths at the cenotaph and a school choir performed the national anthem.


“It’s a good turnout, remembering most people don’t get a day off,” Mr Tucker told the Warragul & Baw Baw Citizen.

“Yeah, we get a few oldies, but look at the young ones here. The schools from the outer areas have taken the time to bring the kids in. We’re really happy.”

The town’s minute of silence was, as always, bookended by the siren at the Warragul Fire Station. This year the playing of the last post at the central Warragul ceremony and the bellowing of the siren from further out of town were well synced.

“It has been traditional that the fire brigade give us a minute silence,” Mr Tucker said.


“We’ve just about got it down to pat (sic) now with the two-way radio, and sometimes we can’t start exactly at 11:00, but we’ve just about got it down to pat.”

drouin remembrance day 2015 by jack lacy warragul baw baw citizen

Above: students laying a wreath in Drouin at the same time. Photo: Jack Lacy.

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