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warragul lights replacement LED installation warragul baw baw citizen by william pj kulich

TRAFFIC lights at the intersection of Albert Street and Victoria Street in Warragul have been upgraded to LED globes.

First published in the 10 July 2015 edition of the Warragul & Baw Citizen


Contractors completing work for VicRoads [last month] used a crane to replace the lights.

The process involved completely removing the light units – black casing and all – and replacing them with entirely new units.

The new units are substantially lighter than the old ones, which had been attached tightly enough to, in at least one instance, require the use of a grinder to take down.

Once the new lights were secured, the new wires were tied to the old ones, which had been left in the light frame, and pulled through to be connected.


In the case of the overhead lights, the wires were roughly 15 metres long.

The intersection’s lights remained in action during the entire operation.

LED lights are substantially less power hungry than the old quartz halogen globes, which were in turn more efficient than the incandescent lights they replaced many years ago.

They also last longer – without faults elsewhere in the system, an LED traffic light should last for around 10 years. Each colour light is made up of several small bulbs, quite a few of which can expire before the whole light is written off.

Quartz halogen lights are very sensitive to contact with a range of substances and and often do not last as long when installed in overhead units.

Monday’s upgrade means all traffic lights in Warragul are now LED except the pedestrian lights on Victoria Street and on Queen Street near the rail underpass and Rotary Park.

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