Warragul road reserve to be sold, Drouin street declaration deferred
 Baw Baw News   By // 15:40, Thursday 15 November 2012

BAW Baw Shire Councillors approved the closure and sale of the road reserve between Cornish Street and McCulloch Avenue, Warragul, at a general meeting yesterday.

The closure of the reserve will be advertised ahead of its sale to the landowner abutting the site’s southern boundary.


Changes to the site’s zoning mean the reserve is no longer required.

Warragul ward Councillor Joe Gauci said the sale was “common sense.”

“This portion of land here that is to be sold off will basically be locked behind [other buildings],” Cr Gauci said.

“It will be land of no use to anyone else and it would just be common sense that he (the adjoining landowner) would be able to purchase this.”


Oriel Street Drouin delay

Oriel Street. Image: Baw Baw Shire Council.

Councillors also voted to defer a decision on the declaration of Oriel Street in Drouin until the December 12 meeting.

The declaration was recommended after concerns on the street’s status as a road were raised by Gippsland Water, which plans to install a sewer along the street.

The title of the road is still in the name of the original subdivider.

Warragul ward Councillor Mikaela Power said the deferral was to give all neighbouring landholders a say.

“I visited this site this morning and I had some difficulty in working out which bits were where, and in discussion with council officers [found out] there are some issues in building an easement,” Cr Power said.

“One of the landholders was away and requested an extension.”

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