Warragul Senior Women beat Prom Coast 6-0
 Baw Baw News   By // 13:47, Saturday 4 August 2018

GIPPSLAND SOCCER • Warragul United FC Senior Women enjoyed a 6-0 victory over Prom Coast on Sunday.

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While the score might imply the game was easy, Warragul captain Jaymie Canobie told the Baw Baw Citizen it was a good game.


“It was a good play by us I think,” Jaymie said.

“We’ve already played these guys before but they did awesome, they were a few players down as well but they did so well.

“Good game. They’re an awesome team to play against.”

The convincing victory is a great result for a team with very little experience.


“This is our first year ever that we’ve played together, and only four of us had played ever before when we started,” Jaymie said.

“I think we’re about fourth or fifth on the ladder at the minute, so we’re doing awesome. Can’t expect any better.

“It feels good to see how far we’ve come.”

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