Wind change brings smoke back to Baw Baw
 Baw Baw News   By // 05:30, Tuesday 18 February 2014

smoke over warragul feb 2014 by william kulich for the warragul citizen

A WIND change has brought smoke from ongoing fires in the Latrobe Valley back to Baw Baw, prompting local fire services to advise asthma sufferers to be careful.

Pictured: smoke over part of Warragul last week.

The Warragul Fire Brigade warned residents of the return of smoke via social media late last night.


“The wind has changed! As of 11pm 17th Feb, you’ll probably start to smell smoke from the Morwell fires in Warragul,” a spokesperson said.

“Nothing to be alarmed about, but be mindful if you’ve got pre-existing problems like asthma.

“Also, any clothes on the washing line will probably smell more like a firefighter’s. Just ask our partners!”

“And if you left your windows open overnight, our thoughts are with you…”


Morwell residents have been suffering poor air quality since an open cut coal mine caught fire during bushfires over a week ago.

The fires could continue to burn for weeks.

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