Yarragon Stormwater Drainage Review adopted: identifies key issues
 Baw Baw News   By // 18:37, Thursday 10 November 2011

The Baw Baw Shire Council has announced today that it will be adopting the Yarragon Stormwater Drainage Review to investigate poor drain infrastructure and management in the town.

A study to identify and cost solutions to drainage issues in and around Yarragon is outlined in the report.


The Warragul Citizen has calculated the total estimated repair costs outlined in the report to be $596,000 over the next three years and $28,000 per annum thereafter.

A Media Release from the Baw Baw Shire today stated that $200,000 in funding is available from the State Government to complete stage one works and investigate the Yarragon catchment area drainage network.

The report found that “undersized pipes, insufficient pit capturing capacity, tree roots blocking the flow, and inadequate [and irregular] maintenance” has led to flooding in Yarragon.

The report also states that siltation and vegetation growth has limited the capacity of drainage outside of the township boundary and that there is a risk of landslips on hilly roads with poor drainage.


The study will communicate with community members to improve understanding of drainage issues, conduct a preliminary study of drainage issues within the town boundary, identify issues, propose solutions, and provide a final cost estimate.

The final cost estimate is to be included in the Capital Works Program when the study is completed.

Specific problem areas identified in the report include frequent flooding on Loch Street, a lack of stormwater drainage at the Murray and Market Streets intersection, flooding of Hazeldean and Shady Creek Roads, a frequently overflowing open drain on the south side of Trickeys Road and regular flooding of the Moe River flood plain.

The works are part of the Shaping the Future program, the council’s 40-year growth management plan.

The scope of the review was expanded after flooding earlier this year and a phase of community consultation.

One Yarragon community member, David Lyons, wrote to The Warragul Citizen (June 2011, Page 5) expressing his frustration over Yarragon’s drainage system.

“I understand that rain of 110mm is a surprise event, but when my property is flooded for hours after just 50mm of rain I have to wonder what caused it,” Mr Lyons said.

“Is it the drain, which has not been de-silted in years and is full of blackberries? Is it because the drain is small and only designed for a few farms and gravel roads and now has to cope with a housing estate on one end?”


For more information on the Yarragon Drainage Review, visit http://www.bawbawshire.vic.gov.au/Page/page.asp?Page_Id=2896&h=1

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