Anger over ‘third world’ rail service
 Letters to the Editor: Baw Baw   By // 02:11, Sunday 27 September 2015

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PAUL STRICKLAND has written to the Warragul & Baw Baw Citizen to express his concerns about overcrowding on Gippsland rail services.

First published in the 28 August 2015 edition of the Warragul & Baw Baw Citizen.


“Gippsland V/Line travel approached third world levels on the Sunday 16 August 18:16 Bairnsdale train.

“The service was at standing room from the start of the trip at Southern Cross.

“With two football matches and other events it was predictable that there would be high demand and reserved seating was booked out by 11:30 that morning.

“The morning train from Bairnsdale had similarly been packed and busses were added from Warragul to ease the crowding somewhat, but no arrangements appeared to be made for the evening train.


“A last minute bus was put on for some of the non-reserved passengers, but the photo shows that it still left the train packed to unsafe conditions.”

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2 responses to “Anger over ‘third world’ rail service”

  1. ang says:

    Whilst not on this train the comments come as no surprise. Amazingly for the 4 hour trip multiple stops have been added yo this service including both garfield and tynong. The train itself is old set carriages first introduced into service in the 1980’s under the labour government (tom roper was responsible) unfortunately its tough shit if your disabled – you wheel chair will not fit through the door something my cerebal palsy suffering brother found out the hard way. I could keep going on but would there be any point? You tell me.

  2. Margaret Smith says:

    Having just recently travelled through quite a bit of the UK by train we noticed very quickly how dated the trains and services are here in Victoria.
    In the UK trains run on time, are clean and most times everyone had a seat. Getting on and off the train is easier there as the train doorways have a special flap fitted that folds out to meet with the platform when the doors open almost ramp style making it easier for people with disabilities and parents with children.Travelling by train in Gippsland is not pleasurable anymore.