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Domestic violence resources lacking


RE: “Family violence ‘extremely prevalent’ in Gippsland,” WBBC 27 November 2015.

There are very limited resources for victims with limited finances in the Gippsland region. Where can you go? Nowhere, so with my hands tied behind my back, I’m stuck with a hubby who has erratic behaviour at times, more so when he is drinking.

Since family violence has been brought out in the public domain my husband’s behaviour has slightly improved, but I’m still wary of him. Apprehended Violence Orders do not work, they are just a piece of paper.

Living in a small rural town in Gippsland does not help the situation. I would definitely like to see more resources victims, females and males, can have have access to.


Name withheld
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Financial mess

RE: “Policy and promises at Labor launch,” WBBC 27 November 2015.

“Labor values” of consistently spending well beyond their means, creating a financial mess that every Coalition government has to rectify.

If the Labor party had to run a household budget, they’d be on the streets. It’s hard to believe they never, ever learn this lesson. History repeats itself over and over again; Labor equals massive deficits and debt.

I will begin to listen to Labor when they can balance their books and actually pay for all the things they love to espouse as being better at.

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Labor better economic managers

RE: “Policy and promises at Labor launch,” WBBC 27 November 2015.

Raymond, internationally renowned Labor treasurer Wayne Swan stopped Australia from entering a recession with the rest of the world. The cost of the vital stimulus package would’ve been less great relative to the country’s savings had his predecessor, Liberal Peter Costello, not squandered the mining boom with tax breaks for the wealthy and minimal tax on those exploiting the mineral wealth of the Australian people.

Let’s not forget that under Labor we were slowly heading back to surplus. Liberal treasurer Joe Hockey doubled the deficit for no reason (he confused the Reserve Bank with a needlessly enormous support package for starters), eliminated the carbon tax revenue stream and refused to enact any economic reform other than cuts which hurt those least able to afford them.

Not only are the Liberals heartless, they are terrible economic managers. Liberals cut revenue, sell assets (let’s remember the recent MediBank sale – a government company which was making a profit for the Australian people), and it’s only thanks to the economic and societal reforms of the left that Australia has anything for the lazy Liberals to cut and sell.

I don’t vote Labor and probably never will, but I can see the Liberal = good economics argument is complete bullshit.

“Economically sound”
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One response to “Comment – 11 December 2015 edition”

  1. Roger Marks says:

    At this tme of goodwill to all men (and women) I would like to send my thanks to the Parks and Garden outdoor staff who every year produce such a colourful and well planned display of flowers on the streets of the shire.

    At the same time I would like to give a raspberry to our councillors that approved an eleven and a half per cent surcharge on those who cannot afford to pay their rates up front because of financial stress. All this does is add to the stress and bearing in mind the Reserve Bank lending rate is 2%.

    Nothing more than daylight robbery by the Council.