Letter: Giles Abattoir closure must be reviewed and petition tabled
 Letters to the Editor: Baw Baw   By // 00:24, Wednesday 11 April 2012

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Dear Editor,

It appears Victorian Agriculture Minister Peter Walsh has washed his hands of the issue of jobs in small country towns.


I was astounded when I read that Mr Walsh had ruled out an investigation into the closure of the L.E. Giles abattoir in Trafalgar by industry regulator, PrimeSafe.

The Liberal-National Government must review the decision over the closure of the L.E. Giles abattoir in Trafalgar and properly consider the severe impact its actions have had on jobs and the local community.

It’s a given that animal cruelty should never be tolerated. But it’s also important the regulator works with small businesses to ensure they understand their obligations and are meeting high standards.

It is my understanding that on March 21 members of a community support group in Trafalgar handed a petition with more than 3000 signatures to the Member for Narracan, Gary Blackwood, calling on the government to undertake a full investigation into the matter.


Mr Blackwood has not tabled the petition in parliament, nor has he even mentioned the L.E. Giles abattoir or the wider Trafalgar community even once in parliament, despite having a full sitting week last week to do so.

Mr Blackwood is clearly defending the government ahead of defending local jobs

The Baillieu Government must outline how these jobs can be restored and, in particular, give some comfort to members of the community that there will be a fair hearing on this matter.

Yours sincerely,

John Lenders MP

John Lenders is the Labor Spokesman for Agriculture and Rural & Regional Development.

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