Agora Episode 4: Russell Broadbent on the NBN, carbon tax and preselection
 Baw Baw News   By // 17:10, Monday 14 May 2012

Episode 4 of The Warragul Citizen‘s local current affairs and discussion program Agora, this time bringing you an interview with Liberal MP for McMillan Mr Russell Broadbent.

The interview covers the introduction of the National Broadband Network in the area, as well as the impacts of the carbon tax and rumors of a preselection challenger.


Click the play button below to watch.


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2 responses to “Agora Episode 4: Russell Broadbent on the NBN, carbon tax and preselection”

  1. Ron Ipsen says:

    Large private providers will always cherry pick the metro areas and not provide for rural regional as the ROI (Return on investment) is not sufficient to warrant it. Only Government infrastructure will provide for these less profitable (rural) areas. This has always been the way, and continues to be highly visible in telecommunications etc.
    The NBN is infrastructure by which the providers will reach us, similar to the way all the telecommunications companies lease the copper etc from Telstra in the current system.
    Asking the providers to build the NBN is like asking the truckies to provide the road.

  2. Jadon says:

    Soooo many flaws in his positions! He spent the whole time telling us how good the NBN is. He even said the longer Labor’s in government, the better the internet services will be before the Liberal’s give it the chop!

    He also confirmed he supports a carbon tax; and acknowledged the Coalition’s direct action plan is just giving tax-payers money to big businesses for something he thinks will have absolutely no effect on anything. How is that different and any better than Labor giving payments to families with school children that the Opposition is so strongly critisising at the moment?