Awards for tank heroes
 Baw Baw News   By // 16:57, Thursday 30 October 2014

warragul police sign the warragul citizen by william kulich

DETECTIVE Leading Senior Constable Danny Shaddock and Leading Senior Constable Jenny Wiltshire have been recognised for their bravery during a rescue last year at a police awards ceremony in Moe.

The Warragul unit members were called to the rescue of four people unconscious in a corn syrup tank in Colverlea on 27 November.


The efforts of Mr Shaddock and Ms Wiltshire saved the lives of the trapped people, who have since fully recovered.

“When we got there, the fumes inside the tank were overwhelming,” Mr Shaddock said in a statement to Victoria Police media.

“The guys had been trying to clean it, but the fumes got the better of them and one after another they had fallen unconscious.”

Ms Wiltshire held Danny’s belt as he entered the tank a number of times to rescue the four men.


“I just knew we had to get them out, so Jenny and I worked as quickly as we could and we eventually got them through a hole in the side of the tank,” Mr Shaddock said.

The operation came with great risks and the pair were commended with valour awards presented at a ceremony in Moe last night.

Deputy Commissioner Lucinda Nolan said “Danny and Jenny put their lives on the line to rescue these men and we are incredibly proud of them.”

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One response to “Awards for tank heroes”

  1. helene cunningham says:

    We really do have a wonderful police force, we always call on them for help. Thank you Danny and Jenny and all.
    Cheers Helene xo