Baw Baw bites back at halal haters
 Baw Baw News   By // 13:06, Monday 6 May 2013

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THE BAW Baw Shire has responded to the creators of the “Baw Baw Says NO to Halal” Facebook page and the authors of anti-halal hate mail sent to the council.

The small Facebook group had been encouraging members of the public to reject the council’s halal programs and abusive emails had been sent to council staff.


In a statement on the council’s website, CEO Helen Anstis said the concerns were “misinformed.”

“In those messages the authors claim that Baw Baw Shire Council is, among other things, discriminating against non-halal-certified businesses and attempting to make the shire Sharia-compliant,” Ms Anstis said.

“These comments are misinformed.

“The Baw Baw Halal program was introduced in 2006 as part of the Council’s economic development strategy and at the request of local businesses to assist them to increase export opportunities and create local jobs.”


An administrator of the Facebook page said in a post to followers that abusive emails should not be sent.

“Many many (sic) people have bombarded Baw Baw Shire with emails regarding Halal Certification (sic) being endorsed here,” the administrator said.

“Quite a few have been very abusive, which I don’t recommend.

“But having said that, I can understand the rage, anger and utter frustration we all feel.”

Despite that message, the page administrator had previously posted and endorsed a letter which called the council “a bunch of losers” and said “if you allow it (halal certification) into your community you will not only be sorry later on… but you will become traitors to our nation and our culture.”

The page administrator also described businesses with halal certification as “traitors”, and the council “un-Australian”.

Ms Anstis said the council had not been influenced by the campaign.

“Baw Baw Shire Council will continue to support local businesses looking to develop both existing and new markets including halal and doesn’t sway from this commitment,” Ms Anstis said.


The council declined to make any further comment for this story.

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10 responses to “Baw Baw bites back at halal haters”

  1. Kylie says:

    Why can’t we all just live and let live? Seriously people, good on businesses for getting Halal Certification, and good on those who choose not to. Is any of it really harming anyone?

    Australia is big enough for all of us and our individual ways of life.


  2. Exactly. Halal matters to a large number of people in Victoria/Australia. Some of whom are living/working in the Baw Baw Shire.

    Not all of Baw Baw says no to halal. Most of Baw Baw doesn’t care, and those that do, it’s actually relevant to them.

  3. Sue Acheson says:

    Religion can be a knife that divides societies. It is a shame that we can’t all look on others with love and compassion, and get back to the core of what religion is supposed to be about – love for all mankind.

  4. Lia Marshall says:

    I couldn’t honestly care less that Halal is part of a separate religion, religion is a choice so who cares who everyone else is worshipping.

    But, however, I do not condone the way in which animals are treated if they’re ‘halal’ and this is why I am not a supporter of halal products and will not buy them.

  5. Lia, do you know how animals are treated to be halal?
    Did you know that if the animal is treated with an iota of cruelty or indignity during it’s life, or during it’s slaughter it actually becomes haram (prohibited) for a Muslim to consume it?

    In Australia, at the very least, even halal slaughtered animals are still stunned and everything is done to Australian standard. The death is instant, much in the same way the ‘conventional’ bolt method seeing as though during the cut, vital nerves are cut.

    At the end of the day, if you’re not Muslim (Or Jewish, or of any other faith with stringent dietary requirements), halal, haram, kosher, whatever (or kosher, in a similar vein). The animal is stunned, slaughtered and butchered.

    I just can’t get over the stupidity of the Facebook group. Like, you click onto it, and the hatred is so obvious. The ignorance is sickening, and the fact they’ve posted links from the ‘Australian Defense League’ and claim not to be bigoted, is frankly laughable.

    Australia is a multiethnic, multireligious, and mostly tolerant country, and anyone who doesn’t enjoy and embrace diversity (a reality of Australian life and values) can find somewhere they’re comfortable in staying.

    Either way Lia, the beauty of being in Australia, is that you’re as free to buy exclusively non-halal, as I am (and should be) to buy exclusively halal or someone else is to buy gluten free, kosher, or vegan. (:

  6. Phillip Needham says:

    To identityissues8
    That’s all well and good to say you are free to buy exclusivity non-halal. Unfortunately companies Cadburys, Nestle, Dairy farmers and Coon Cheese just to name a few do not give you the option. Why not? Why should I be forced to pay extra just so a few Muslims can become very wealthy and funds may be used to foster terrorism overseas. In reply to you calling me stupid because I happen to care about the future of my grandchildren I return the compliment and call you stupid for not educating yourself on the dangers of this tax. As to your 2nd last paragraph you have got to be joking. Why would they leave when leftist like you make it easy for them to sponge off the system. They are going nowhere. Why do you think we are being flooded with Muslim illegal immigrants. And before you get all hot and bothered, they are not asylum seekers because they have in the main transited through another country where they could have sought asylum. Why didn’t they? geez let me think. Oh that’s right they would not get the benefits, housing, medical treatment in Indonesia so please educate yourself before you trip over your tongue.

  7. Michelle says:

    Halal is barbaric it is not just a little bit of our foods being converted to Halal. Have a look at the back of your San Remo pasta and most of your cheese and yoghurt products all locally made too. You say you have a choice no you don’t more of our food is being made Hala. Chocolate is halal Cadbury,Nestlé, Vegemite, Coon and the list goes on. Most chicken in Australia is now Halal killed as is most of our lamb the choice to not eat halal meat is becoming harder to make. Why should I have to check every label in my local supermarket for halal food that I do not want to buy. I am not Islamic and I do not support the way they kill animals or pray to a false god for the animal. Choice ha ha what a laugh. Halal food is Sharia law bottom line. Has any other religion had such a impact on the foods we eat? Ask yourself that question and why?

  8. identityissues8 says:

    Posting from a phone and qill leep it brief. Firstly Phillip, I eat exclusively halal as a Muslim not as a leftist. If I was merely a leftist, I would not care.
    Secondly, fund terrorism, really? Are we going to do this? Cite one example of this happening ever. I just need to know why on earth you would suspect sething so outrageous.

    As for joiaimg benefits, ect. Well that just shows more ignoranve on your part on how our community lives. It would be nice for you to maybe, interact with the Muslim community even on the smallest scale, then you would perhaps.have something to base these comments on.

    Food being made halal argument is pretty funny too. These things have always been halal. The companies have only soight out certification. Ingredients have generally not been changed, and fkr the few that have, are you seriously going to blame them for trying to legitimately expand their market?

    In short, Michelle and Phillip, read a book,.or perhaps even meet a Muslim, or at the very least think (objectively) about this before replying. Please?

  9. Paul Gaskin says:

    Halal in Australia is both legal and responsible; lets accept that rumours from offshore should not be projected onto local practice.

  10. Bonnie says:

    Religious belifs should be kept in the church temple or what ever, hala is a very cruel thing when it comes to the meat side of things and for non meat side of things there are more people not wanting to or can’t have halal..sikh’s, Hindu and jewish can not have halal and wht should they have to and most Aussies that know about halal don’t wany it and are boycotting all companies that have certification….