Baw Baw jaw-jaw: 17 May 2018
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Baw Baw jaw-jaw is our wrap of tips, tidbits, and shout-outs. This set of stories first appeared in our 17 May 2018 print edition.

Every step you take…
Queen Street’s watching you


In 1983 rock band The Police promised that “every step you take,

I’ll be watching you.” Thirty-five years later and it’s Baw Baw’s police saying the same to people on Warragul’s Queen Street.

Cameras have been installed between Smith and Mason Streets at a cost of $92,000. Misbehavers be warned: you will be Stung.



Hard one to swallow

Local band The Spitting Swallows has performed with a temp drummer after Daniel “Stiv” Stivens injured one of his hands.

We’ll spare you the details, but a post on the group’s Facebook page says “Stiv is still a bit sore after impaling his hand.” Wince.


Young contender
Darnum kid in building comp

Darnum 7-year-old Finnigan Young was one of just 36 kids chosen to compete in a national LEGO chall-enge judged by a “master model builder” in Melbourne last month!


Get warnings of (some) PT delays


Want advance notice of planned alterations to rail and bus services? PTV has a special weekly email bulletin which will let you know when to expect delays.

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