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Get the picture?

While Canon only discontinued its last line of film cameras in May, digital photography made film a thing of the past long ago.


But while how to operate a film camera is starting fade from memory, even this millennial editor could tell something wasn’t quite right with this poster, seen in the window of a national eyecare chain’s Warragul store recently:

That thing sticking up on Kylie’s left is the film rewind knob. You can’t take a photo while it’s up. Maybe it’s time for a new prescription .



Baw Baw’s new car rego stats

The state government introduced new short term car registration options in January and is keen to show adoption rates.

Data released by local MP Harriet Shing shows 3,620 Baw Baw resid-ents are now paying quarterly, while 3,108 pay twice yearly.

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