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Baw Baw jaw-jaw features tips, tidbits, and shout-outs. This entry comes from our 5 July 2018 edition.

Tacky packaging

Coles and Woolies dropping single use plastic shopping bags is great for reducing waste, but something we spotted at a Warragul supermarket last week has us scratching our heads.

Check out the image above. Yeah, that’s plastic branding tape wrapped around individual avocados. “No nasties added”? Nah.


No need for plastic bin liners?

While we’re talking about the plastic bag “ban,” it’s worth mentioning a blog post by local writer Tammy Logan which has been doing the rounds.

The post by on Tammy’s Gippsland Unwrapped website looks at how newspaper, composting, and sustainable materials can keep “wet stuff” from dirtying your bin without plastic.

Some locals have expressed concerns they won’t have anything to line their bins with after the bags are phased out.

You can find Tammy’s post here.


Signs of Life

Warragul band Jason Lives is back in the studio to record the soundtrack to a new film!

Three new songs are in production for band member Joe Menzel’s film Night Shift.

“We performed these songs to a select test audience and neither dog told us that the songs suck, so we think we have some winning tunes here,” a social media post read.

Jason Lives’ last full album, The Star Trek Conspiracy, was released back in 2011.

The group is one of the longest surviving local bands, having formed in 1996 as The Voorhees. Their first release as Jason Lives was 2004 EP Life.

Have a heart

The Drouin Men’s Shed is organising an organ donation project as a major activity for 2018.

Co-ordinator Mick Nicholls has reached out to 77 other local community groups in the last month to get them on board, but has heard little back.

“We now seek help from members of the public to check with the organizations to which they are members to ensure those organizations respond positively to the cause,” Mick said.


Mick is keen to help as many people as possible through the project, and can be contacted at mickn@vic.australis.com.au.

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