Baw Baw seeks feedback on Warragul CBD projects
 Baw Baw News   By // 19:40, Monday 5 October 2015

queen street park warragul warragul baw baw citizen by william pj kulich

WARRAGUL // THE BAW Baw Shire is planning to invest $3.8 million in street scape improvement within Warragul’s CBD.

Above: Queen Street Park. Photo: William PJ Kulich.

First published in the 25 September 2015 edition of the Warragul & Baw Baw Citizen newspaper.


The council will undertake the rejuvenation works in Warragul’s retail precinct to meet the goals of the Warragul Town Centre and Station Precinct masterplans. Construction will start this financial year and will be implemented in stages over future years.

The final stage of the Warragul CBD Streetscape Project is scheduled to be completed by 2019/20 financial year.

Works scheduled for this financial year include a review of the concept design for works in Queen Street Park and pedestrian areas between Smith Street and Gladstone Street, as well as reviews of other planned projects.

Two Smith Street pedestrian crossings between Palmerston and Albert Street will also be finalised, having been on trial for several years.


Designs for Palmerston Street streetscape works will also be finalised this financial year.

“This major project will help to support Warragul’s retail industry and provide a flourishing central business district that all community members can enjoy and be proud of,” Baw Baw mayor Debbie Brown said in a media release.

Cr Brown said the council was welcoming of feedback from the public on how areas could be improved.

“The valuable contributions and feedback we will receive from the community will assist us in producing a final design that represents what our community wants,” Cr Brown said.

The council will undertake consultation on the desired outcomes of the project with relevant business owners and occupiers and key stakeholders in the next few weeks.

Feedback from the consultation process will be considered to be incorporated in the project design.

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5 responses to “Baw Baw seeks feedback on Warragul CBD projects”

  1. Don Sinclair says:

    Surely our roads need fixing rather than tiles in Warragul CBD. Think again of priorities

  2. Robert says:

    Here they go again ! playing with words it’s not invest it is spend ! – money you don’t have ! Fix the Bloody Roads, Footpaths, It’s about time the Local Government Minister conducted a full investigation into the operations of this Council.

  3. Raymond says:

    The Warragul CBD pedestrian crossings need to be properly constructed, i.e. well-defined and well-lit; also consider amber flashing lights. In my own experience and witnessing others, at present it is too easy to overlook pedestrians, especially in low-light conditions.

  4. Do something about the parking, quicker to drive to Moe than try and find one in Warragul, Has the Council found a money tree

  5. Beverley says:

    I have watched the unusual works being carried out on the road surface in Queen Street recently and wondered at the reason for it.

    Today I found out. I cannot believe that council proposes to set planter boxes in these squares. Please leave the road surfaces alone. If you believe the area needs to be beautified, do it on the “Nature Strip” That is what it is there for. Please leave our parking areas and roads for what they are intended ie: the safe parking and movement of traffic.
    Better still do as Robert suggested…..