Baw Baw’s new bus services are go!
 Baw Baw News   By // 21:34, Sunday 14 May 2017

New routes, new stops, new timetables – catching the bus to work is now possible for many people in Baw Baw.

Today marked the first day for Warragul and Drouin’s new and revised town bus services, as well as other improvements network-wide.


The changes are big. Until last week, Warragul only had services at around midday and Drouin didn’t have a town service at all. As of today, you could theoretically catch a bus to and from work… but maybe not a strictly 9-5 job.

New town services in Warragul and Drouin start between 6am and 7am on weekdays and run hourly, but the last services from the town centres leave before 5pm.

You can find details of each route on the Public Transport Victoria website by clicking here. You can also check out the PTV-supplied Warragul and Drouin route maps below.


If you were already a Baw Baw bus user, PTV has provided a handy table to help you find your new or renumbered route. Bear in mind there might be a new stop closer to you than there was before.

All routes use myki for fares, except route 89 which will continue to use paper tickets.

Elsewhere on the network new bus stop signs have been installed, and Warragul Bus Lines has employed additional drivers to operate the routes.

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5 responses to “Baw Baw’s new bus services are go!”

  1. Simon says:

    I will make an effort to catch them when I can, so that PTV know there is demand for them – but without evening buses it’s still a pretty useless service

  2. Simon says:

    Tomorrow I start work in Berwick just after midday. If I want to get there on time, I could begin a three-stage public transport journey from my nearest bus stop at 9 am. (Or I could start driving to Berwick at 11 am.)
    And then I’d better hope that the 4:11 back from Berwick isn’t running late, so I don’t miss the last 89 bus at 5:10. (Or I could drive and be home just after 4:30.)

  3. Mike says:

    Nothing like having a half empty glass simon I’m sure they will get it right if the demand is there so jump on tickets please

  4. Raymond says:

    Great to see the towns getting these new services, however if the intent is to encourage workers to utilise them then this seems to be a difficulty if there is nothing after 5pm!

  5. Roger Marks says:

    It will take me half to three-quarters of an hour to walk to the nearest bus stop so no I won’t be using it.