Big box retail plan for Warragul’s east
 Baw Baw News   By // 07:30, Monday 26 February 2018

You may have heard retail giant Kmart might be opening a store in Warragul, but what exactly is going on?

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There are plans to build a large-scale retail development on the corner of Queen Street and Hazel Drive.

Tom McInerney – managing director of applicant Trend Development Group – spoke to Baw Baw Shire councillors at their meeting last week, and he’s confident the site could be ready quickly if planning approval is granted.

“We believe that if we get this support and we go through the process, we can be delivering it by September this year and with 12 months have created the centre and 262 jobs ongoing for Warragul,” Tom said.


“Kmart and Bunnings are both what we call board approved, subject to the signing of a… lease, which is subject to planning.”

Liquor chain Dan Murphy’s is another potential tenant, but is not presently a part of the plan.

Tom actually argued the development would be good for retailers in Warragul’s CBD, as it could keep people from going on large shopping trips to Pakenham and other bigger towns.

“We’re not trying to create a ‘shopping centre,’ I know it’s a centre but we’re not trying to create a Woolies shopping centre to drag people out, … that shopping will happen in the centre of Warragul,” Tom said.

“We think the net benefit is large.”

The shire is actively supporting the plan, having resolved to write to Victoria’s planning minister about rezoning the land.

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4 responses to “Big box retail plan for Warragul’s east”

  1. Lee says:

    I think it’s a great idea & would certainly shop there. I really dislike having to go to other areas to Kmart or bigW. I would still shop in the cbd in Warragul as well.

  2. AllyC says:

    This is great, I have been shopping locally since I moved here but have needed to use Pakenham to buy products we dont have here…this will help keep more money in Warragul while creating jobs.

  3. Jude says:

    We so need a Kmart and Big W. Thetes nothing between Moe and Pakenham. It would be such a boost for Warragul, not to mention job aspects for our unemployed.

  4. Mary Reynolds says:

    I would love to have a KMart in Warragul . There would be a lot of people that would shop there. At least we would still be shopping locally instead of having to travel out of town.