Climate march motion fails
 Baw Baw News   By // 11:33, Friday 13 November 2015

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BAW BAW // A MOTION calling on councillors to support a climate action march in Melbourne fell flat on Wednesday after being backed by just two councillors.

The motion, moved by Warragul ward councillor Mikaela Power in response to a request from the Baw Baw Sustainability Network, called on councillors to support the People’s Climate March, to be held in Melbourne on 27 November.


Had the motion passed, the council’s support would not have been monetary. The motion asked for promotion through the council’s regular communication channels, encouraged councillors to participate, and would have allowed the Baw Baw Shire logo to appear on the website.

“The march is held all around the world,” Cr Power said.

“Victoria is in line to be significantly affected in terms of climate change in future, not just in temperature but also extremity of weather events.”

The only other councillor to vote with Cr Power was Drouin ward’s Tricia Jones. All other councillors present voted against the motion.


Warragul ward councillor Gerard Murphy was not at the meeting.

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10 responses to “Climate march motion fails”

  1. Keryn Riddington says:

    Why doesn’t this surprise me? Great to see that two women have common sense but the rest are the reason why I hear in Murrindindi Shire they are so glad to be out of Baw Baw Shire. Not political and nothing to do but press a few buttons. I suspect the no was for local political reasons though.

  2. Gerard Dovey says:

    I have a bit of information now about where my (Drouin) vote will go in the next election. Thanks council for showing me where people’s thought processes are. I will be at the march, despite my council not supporting me.

  3. Laurie Bell says:

    Finally. Some sense creeping into Local Government.
    If the Baw Baw Sustainability Network find a need to support this fabrication, then that is fine. Their members a free to support it because that is what they believe. But the general population of Baw Baw have NOT joined Baw Baw Sustainability Network and if they are like me, do NOT wish to be associated with this mythical belief in global warming.

  4. Jullie Grant says:

    Is Cr Murphy ever at meetings? Very few from what I hear. Are we getting value from this elected representative?

  5. bert jell says:

    typical of people in responsibility having a political attitude of denial to fact of climate changes affect on the population, this transends politics

  6. Ian. F. says:

    Crs. Power & Jones would do better to concentrate on the three Rs. In particular a stronger focus on roads would be appreciated (in fact is expected), since so many roads in the Shire are in an appallingly dangerous condition.

  7. Raymond says:

    Good, to think council needs to be involved with this is nonsense. Concentrate on what matters. That’s before we even debate whether climate change is legit or not.

  8. Science makes sense says:

    Debate? Since when was science a matter of public opinion? Climate change was settled resoundingly among climate scientists (you know, the people trained in the field, not yobs spitting crap into the internet and papers) long ago, as was the human contribution. You can cry over its inconvenience to your comfortable first world life as much as you like Raymond, but that will not change the fact scientific method and overwhelming evidence outweigh your totally expert opinion.

  9. I appreciate that council can’t afford to support every cause and need everyone within the shire has, but given this wasn’t going to cost any money, why on earth not support it? I’d be very curious to hear councillors’ reasons for voting against something which was only going to give positive exposure?

  10. Raymond says:

    Settled resoundingly? Overwhelming evidence? More nonsense.

    Climates get hotter, then they get cooler, then it happens all over again. This cycle has been happening for thousands of years. We haven’t been measuring it for long enough to prove anything!

    Council should focus on road maintenance and other issues that truly matter, not some theory that is just that, a theory.