Coles voucher scam targets elderly in Drouin
 Baw Baw News   By // 18:51, Tuesday 17 September 2013

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BAW BAW Shire officers are warning of “pushy” men trying to sell fake Coles Express vouchers and demanding $1,000 donations from elderly people in Drouin.

Pictured: Coles Warragul. No, the vouchers won’t work there either.


A council spokesperson said in a Facebook post a report of three men attempting to sell the $30 voucher booklets had been made and asked residents to be alert to scams.

“The men do not have valid identification displayed, and it appears the voucher booklets may be invalid or have been modified,” the spokesperson said.

“These voucher booklets are only valid for Coles Express sites which we do not have in Warragul or Drouin.

“Furthermore the men are reported to be very pushy and causing certain elderly persons to feel overwhelmed and scared.


“The men are also demanding donations of up to $1,000.

“The matter has been referred to the police in Warragul to investigate.

“Please spread the word. Be aware of scammers.

“If you have a Nan or Pop living alone who isn’t on Facebook, please give them a call or drop in to see them to make them aware of this potential scam issue.”

For information about scams you can contact the Australian Government’s SCAMwatch website,

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3 responses to “Coles voucher scam targets elderly in Drouin”

  1. Honesty says:

    This is not very different to the pushy, shameful high pressure charity sales people who wait outside Coles and try to force elderly people to agree to have money deducted from their account every month for the rest of their lives as a “donation”. This practice should also be investigated and banned. Most elderly people do not realise that they are being tricked into agreeing to have money taken from their account indefinitely and have no idea of how to stop it once it is happening.

  2. Mary Moore says:

    It never ever ceases to amaze me the parasites that live amongst us….How disgraceful…. Shame on the low life oxygen thieves…..!

  3. ned says:

    I agree with ‘Honesty’.
    Stop the pushy raffle ticket sellers outside of our local stores such as Woolworths and Coles.
    The supermarkets shouldn’t allow it, the store manager should move them on.
    I thought you needed a permit and need to show proof of being a registered Inc. to sell raffle tickets?
    I’m okay for our local sporting clubs and community groups to do sausage sizzles to raise money to benefit our local community/sporting groups, but other groups (like the pushy lifesaving crew outside of the Drouin Woolies store twice a year) should not be allowed.
    I support several charities regulary, but I do it my way, choose who they are and when and how I pay.