Council to consider Warragul streetscape works feedback
 Baw Baw News   By // 20:55, Tuesday 8 August 2017

Councillors will consider the future of Warragul CBD streetscape works at their meeting tomorrow night.

This story was first featured in the 8 August edition of Baw Baw In 90 Seconds. Click here to see the full bulletin.


The over $4 million works could see sections of Smith and Palmerston streets become one way, roundabouts added to Mason Street at Palmerston Street, Albert Street, and Williams Street intersections, and traffic signals added to the Napier and Queen Street intersection.

Tomorrow’s meeting will see a motion tabling the outcome of community consultations and authorising further action put to councillors.

“The current proposals for the Warragul Streetscape Works include reconfiguration of vehicular movement to one-way east bound along Palmerston Street between Victoria Street and Smith Street and one-way southbound along Smith Street between Palmerston Street and Victoria Street,” a council worker said in this week’s meeting agenda paper.

“A meeting was held with business operators in Warragul CBD area on 27 June 2017. The following key concerns were raised by several Warragul CBD business operators/owners:

  • “The proposed one-way vehicular movement along Smith Street and Palmerston Street would discourage shoppers to come to Warragul CBD for shopping i.e. loss of retail business;
  • “The lack of parking within Warragul CBD continues to be a major concern for the businesses;
  • “Implementation of one-way traffic would make more challenging the task to find a parking spot;
  • “The implementation of Warragul CBD Streetscape works should only occur once the lack of a multi-deck car park is addressed;
  • “Concerns with delay in provision of multi-deck car park and its ongoing impact on businesses within the Warragul CBD; and
  • “Need for wider footpaths on north side of Palmerston Street.

“Council will have completed by December 2017 a prospectus for the three selected sites (William Square, Barkly Street and Mason Street) demonstrating potential options for development of a multi-deck car park at each site.

“Community consultation including key stakeholders and potential developers will occur in early 2018, after which a report will be taken to Council for a decision on the preferred site and funding model by May 2018.

“The prospectus will be used to encourage both private sector interest and advocate for funding of the project.

“It was suggested that Council undertake a trial for one-way traffic along Palmerston Street before implementing the permanent changes. However, implementing the trial would require significant temporary changes to the existing road infrastructure which is not only costly but also is unlikely to achieve desired pedestrian safety outcomes without provision of wider footpaths and outside dining areas.

“There is no loss of on street parking along Palmerston Street and Smith Street as a result of the proposed streetscape works. On the contrary, the proposed works on Palmerston Street and Smith Street are likely to provide up to five additional on-street car parking spaces.

“The design works for the Palmerston Street Streetscape works are currently underway and need to be finalised by end September 2017 for subsequent tendering and delivery of the proposed works in the January – April 2018 period.

“If it was decided to delay the works this would affect the proposed streetscape works along Smith Street between Palmerston Street and Victoria Street including the one-way treatment.”

This story was first featured in the 8 August edition of Baw Baw In 90 Seconds. Click play below to see the full bulletin.


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3 responses to “Council to consider Warragul streetscape works feedback”

  1. Simon says:

    What do the current proposals recommend for the intersection of Victoria & Smith?

  2. Roger Marks says:

    And I can guarantee they will not address the most pressing need. The lack of suitable parking for the disabled despite the fact I have raised the issue several times.

    Last week I spent 16 minutes trying to find a parking space in Palmerston St traveling between the Smith and Mason St roundabouts. This road had NO parking places for the disabled which is a total disgrace. It should have at least one in each of the four parking sections of the road.

    I did a survey of another area of town and there was 86 parking spaces and two for the disabled. Once again that is disgraceful.

    Places like Aldi are no better. They have seven parking places right outside of the shop. Five are for able bodied people and two for the disabled. As the able bodied can walk the less than 50 meters to the main cark park, why do they need 5 outside of the store?

    I have written to Aldi head office about this and their reply was “we will look into it.” That was months ago so how long does it take to look at 7 car parking spaces.

    A lot of the time I go to Pakenham to shop because I can park next to the entrance to stores. So why am I denied that right in Warragul and I wonder if the Warragul Traders know they are losing money because of the could not care less attitude of the council?

  3. jeffrey sewell says:

    No motorcycle parking! I ride, and do not park on the footpath like the HD guys do, so i ride around searching for a spot like the rest of you. Make the entire CBD a car free mall, turn Mr Turners eyesore into a parking area/ apartments/shopping/community area? Council should just resume it, if the old B wont sell.