Councillor flags fewer public meetings
 Baw Baw News   By // 17:03, Thursday 27 December 2012

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WARRAGUL ward Councillor Joe Gauci has suggested Baw Baw Shire councillors should meet publicly less often, arguing the present schedule reduces community interaction.


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Councillors voted unanimously at their December 12 meeting to keep their present schedule, meeting on the second and fourth Wednesday of the month, until June 30.

On moving the meeting cycle motion, Cr Gauci said councillors are considering changing the schedule from July 1.

“As we stand, councillors are considering if the two-week cycle is the best cycle,” Cr Gauci said.

“At the moment we will be keeping with this, but at a later date we will be reviewing [the schedule.”


Cr Gauci said councillors need “time to get out to community” and council officers need more time to properly address the council’s requests.

Council workers will conduct a review of council meeting structures focusing on how different structures can support objectives, the structure of reports to council, community engagement and the structure of meeting agendas.

Cr Gauci said the council has an “immense workload” and time is needed to address issues properly.

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One response to “Councillor flags fewer public meetings”

  1. Wombat lyons says:

    Will he take a cut in payment from the community for less meetings

    How will he ensure planning permits are not delayed