Baw Baw councillors working on new Council Plan
 Baw Baw News   By // 16:24, Monday 25 February 2013

Cr David Balfour (North), Cr Joe Gauci (Warragul), Cr Gerard Murphy (Warragul), Cr Bill Harrington (Mount Worth), Cr Murray Cook (Mount Worth), Cr Mikaela Power (Warragul), Cr Terry Williamson (Drouin), Cr Tricia Jones (Drouin).

BAW Baw Shire councillors are working on a new Council Plan to replace the one drawn up by the previous council.

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At the last public council meeting councillor Tricia Jones said the new plan will be designed to reflect the ideals of the newly elected councillors.

“This council is itself working on a Council Plan,” Cr Jones said.

“So while council officers are working on [the one by the previous council], we will also work on one that [reflects what we believe] the community considers important.”


Six of the council’s nine councillors are new to the council as of last year’s election.

The present Council Plan set out objectives for the 2011-2015 period.




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4 responses to “Baw Baw councillors working on new Council Plan”

  1. Kevin Burke says:

    Hohohum…we will see when it’s done ?

  2. Jack Johnson says:

    And when will we, the community, get a chance to have real input into this so called plan ‘that the community considers important’? Or will we be given a few short weeks to once again be asked to rubber stamp something that we have had no genuine say in? C’mon Councillors – open it up for our input too!

  3. Christine McLaren says:

    More short term thining and moving priorities. No wonder nothing long term gets done and no one–community, council officers, councillors–know what is important and what to do/will get done. It is shifting sand.
    We need a proper plan that has stong community input and puts us on a known path over the medium to long term.

  4. Jack O Dwyer says:

    They seem like a switched on team lets give them a go and see what happens.