Drone hub established at Lardner Park
 Baw Baw News   By // 06:26, Thursday 27 July 2017

A new partnership between Lardner Park and the Institute for Drone Technology could make Baw Baw a regional drone information hub.

The Centre of Drone Excellence isn’t about boring people – we’re talking small surveying and photography aircraft.


CoDE’s website states the initiative’s plan is to “provide a focal point for drone knowledge management, becoming a permanently located hub for drone technology for the Asia Pacific region and championing the future of the drone industry.”

“This will contribute to new employment opportunities, seeding of new business and expansion of existing business to new areas, help increase productivity and create employment in the regions, and providing change-of-career opportunities to workers from Latrobe Valley City Council, West and Central Gippsland Regions.”

This story was also featured in the 27 July Baw Baw News In 90 Seconds video, which you can watch in full below.


Image: a small remote controlled drone in action. By 14ktgold, licensed.

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  1. Sharon Jordan says:

    Great job Will. Informative and succinct.