Drouin Business Group drops monopole
 Baw Baw News   By // 15:57, Sunday 28 April 2013

drouin monopole site salvos warragul citizen by william kulich

THE DROUIN and District Business Group will no longer lobby against the construction of a new monopole after a poor response from members.

Pictured: the car park behind Drouin’s Salvos Store in which the monopole is planned to be erected.


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President Trudy Tambassis told The Warragul Citizen she had emailed 70 group members asking if those who may be affected by the communications tower’s erection required assistance.

Ms Tambassis said she only had five replies and “due to lack of response the business group has decided not to pursue this matter more.”


“The response is low as shop keepers in Drouin are not all computer savvy and this is how we as a business group do business,” Ms Tambassis said.

“When I walk the street talking to shop keepers I get a way better response, but this happened at a time I couldn’t walk around town.”

Ms Tambassis said few were aware that the tower was to be erected in the car park behind the Salvos opportunity shop.

“I walked the street and spoke to many and did find out a few knew that behind salvos land was allocated for AusNet infrastructure,” Ms Tambassis said.

“About three very close business’s knew nothing.

Ms Tambassis said she was assisted by Drouin ward councillor Terry Williamson.

“I rang shire and left my name with planning and got no call back but Terry Williamson came to me and said what does the business group want to do.”

Ms Tambassis praised Cr Williamson for talking with shop owners.


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3 responses to “Drouin Business Group drops monopole”

  1. Carol says:

    What are the concerns about the monopole? Why did they think members would oppose it?

  2. Terry says:

    What’s a monopole?

  3. roy says:

    “What’s a monopole?”

    effectively a single pole that mobile services antennas will be hung from.