Drouin on the road to pedestrian safety
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A 40kmph speed limit will be applied to Drouin’s main retail streets after councillors unanimously passed a motion on Wednesday to overhaul safety in the town’s CBD.

First published in the 29 May 2015 edition of the Warragul & Baw Baw Citizen.


Councillors also left the door open for the installation of a pedestrian crossing with flashing lights on Princes Way between the Bank Place and Main South Road roundabouts, subject to a review of the new speed limit’s effectiveness in 12 months’ time.

The council received 41 submissions from the community giving feedback to the proposals, which were put forward last December.

73 per cent of those reactions were supportive of the council’s plan to reduce the speed limit around the Drouin CBD.

76 per cent were in favour of the installation of a pedestrian crossing.


Some submissions to the council raised concerns that a new pedestrian crossing would reduce parking availability along Princes Way.

Others called for the construction of a pedestrian crossing at the intersection of Princes Way and Sinclair Street.

At Wednesday’s council meeting, Drouin ward councillor Terry Williamson said there was a need for a new pedestrian crossing.

“Quite a lot of people cross over to the post office, but I believe that reducing it to 40km gives some breathing space to put the zebra crossing in,” he said.

“There will be three to four parking spaces lost as a result and that needs to be considered.”

Sections of several streets will have the lower speed limit introduced and VicRoads has recommended the inclusion of Young Street, between Bank Place and Hope Street, in the 40kmph zone.

It has also proposed that special signs for the zone be installed instead of the ordinary speed limit signage and that fencing be included with the pedestrian crossing should it be installed.

Report by Matthew Sims and William Kulich


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One response to “Drouin on the road to pedestrian safety”

  1. Roger Marks says:

    What! That means I can go faster as the congestion we have on a regular basis restricts drivers to 30kph…if they are lucky.