Drypac Warragul to close: 126 jobs on the line
 Baw Baw News   By // 19:27, Friday 15 February 2013

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Over 120 local jobs are on the line after the owner of Drypac Warragul announced it will cease most operations at the site in the next five months before closing the doors.

A spokesperson for Drypac’s parent company, Sealed Air, told The Warragul Citizen all 112 full time and 14 casual positions will go and it is unlikely many staff will be offered positions elsewhere in the company.


A media release from Sealed Air Supply Chain Vice President Steve Johnson went into more detail.

“There may be some opportunities for employees at alternative sites in Victoria, however it is anticipated that the majority of employees will be made redundant,” Mr Johnson said.

“These redundancies will take place progressively through the first half of the year.

“We anticipate that the majority of operations will have been transferred out of the Warragul facility to other manufacturing locations within Victoria by mid-2013


“A small residual operation on the site through to the end of 2013, whereupon the site will be closed.”

Mr Johnson said reduced product demand and the loss of “significant customers” were major factors in the decision to close Drypac.

Mr Johnson thanked the “Warragul Council,” community and suppliers for supporting the business.

The company operates a number of facilities throughout Victoria.

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3 responses to “Drypac Warragul to close: 126 jobs on the line”

  1. Mary Young says:

    This should come as no surprise. australians are being sold out to imports.Our Government is not protecting us. In this day of buying on the internet business’s are going down. Th average Australian says we are too expensive , but what they dont understand is that if we didnt import heaps, we would be able to keep employing people. Buy cheap general consumer and when there are no jobs for anyone dont be shocked. K Mart are super cheap but use common sense and think down the line. No jobs because the products are too cheap. Before long another country will be able to take us over by buying our farm land and houses. Yes they may be happy to work for small wages butwe need our standards kept up. In this election year we need to be putting pressure on the Government to protect our jobs protect our farmers and manufacture in out own country. Surely other countries will still buy our mining products even if we are not buying their products? Where else would they get tham from? Cant we go back to common sense and keep it simple? Before it is too late.I remember a quote dont know who,s but it went something like. They came for the man down the street they came for the baker and I said nothing they came for my neighbour and I said nothing and then they came for me. This was referring to The Holocouste I believe.

  2. UTF says:

    Paragraphs please?

  3. Tom says:

    3 years at Drypac as a part-timer, and Sealed Air has finally put me out of my misery!

    Started with 3 days a week, and was laid off 6 months later. They got me back 4 months later for 3 days a week again, then that was cut back to one, then back up to two…

    Anyone sensing Drypac’s employees might not have been feeling entirely secure?
    And now, finally, I can look forward to having to play with Centrelink again!

    Oh joy of joys, thanks soooo much Sealed Air! That final nail took a while, but you got there in the end!