CORRECTED: Earthquake recorded west of Baw Baw
 Baw Baw News   By // 05:42, Wednesday 18 October 2017

If you felt a rumbling at lunchtime yesterday last night it might not have been your stomach.

Geoscience Australia is reporting a magnitude 2.1 earthquake was detected in West Gippsland at 12.04pm.

CORRECTION [15:05 10/10/17]: The time of the quake was 12.04pm UTC – local time was 23:04. We’re not sure why the Australian government exclusively uses UTC on their quake details sheets, but we should have noticed and apologise for the error. We’re also going to take this chance to update this article with the latest info: Geoscience Australia has revised the magnitude of the quake up to 2.5.


While the government body is pretty certain about the time the quake struck, the exact location is less certain.

Data suggests the epicentre was 2km south of Cora Lynn, 15km south west of Longwarry, and 28km west of Warragul.

But that data comes with a location uncertainty of up to 24km, meaning it’s possible the epicentre was actually closer to more densely populated areas like Drouin and Pakenham.


At time of reporting, Geoscience Australia’s data suggests the quake’s depth was 10km.

While comparatively small, monitors 336 kilometres away at the Mila research station in south east New South Wales detected the movement.

Information about the quake is yet to be finalised, and was last updated shortly after midnight today.

Images: maps showing the approximate location according to Geoscience Australia. Map data: Google.

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One response to “CORRECTED: Earthquake recorded west of Baw Baw”

  1. Kellie Bray says:

    Definitely felt an aftershock around 10pm last night, Drouin CBD, a brief but deep whoosh.