Former McMillan MP Barry Cunningham talks to TWC
 Baw Baw News   By // 16:01, Saturday 7 September 2013

barry cunningham previewFORMER McMillan Labor MP Barry Cunningham reflected on the state of modern politics and discussed how he voted in today’s election in an interview with The Warragul Citizen.

Video: Mr Cunningham interviewed by The Warragul Citizen. Click play to commence playback.

Mr Cunningham told The Warragul Citizen he still backs Labor but gave sitting Liberal MP Russell Broadbent his second preference.


“I think the sitting member at the moment’s been doing a good job, even though he’s the Liberal Party (sic) and I’m Labor,” Mr Cunningham said.

“I voted one Labor, two Liberal and in the upper house I only ticked the one box.”

You can hear more of what Mr Cunningham had to say by watching the video above.

Mr Cunningham was McMillan’s MP from 1980 to 1990.


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2 responses to “Former McMillan MP Barry Cunningham talks to TWC”

  1. Max Speedy says:

    The electorate nearly got it right; labor was voted out but Rudd should have gone as well. He was the cause of the disaster but he is in denial about it. Labor will be far better off with a new broom and Rudd being Rudd will only be a distraction.

  2. Bernie Cleary says:

    Barry speaks, very well, and in the transcript sic is inserted.

    William K – plse learn a little about reporting and stick your sic where it fits