4.3 magnitude earthquake second to rock Gippsland in five hours (UPDATED)
 Baw Baw News   By // 19:39, Friday 20 July 2012

20 July 2012, 7.39pm. UPDATED 8pm and 9.51pm.

UPDATE, 9.51pm: A 2.8 magnitude earthquake followed the second quake at 8.00pm.

Geoscience Australia is reporting the epicentre of the third quake as south of Thorpdale.


UPDATE, 8PM: Geoscience Australia is estimating the second earthquake’s location as slightly north-west of Thorpdale, south of Trafalgar.

A 4.3 magnitude earthquake is the second to be felt in Gippsland within five hours.

Geoscience Australia is reporting the second quake occurred near Moe at 7.11pm today, while a 2.9 magnitude tremor was also recorded near Moe at 2.42pm.

The quake’s location is not far from that of the 5.3 magnitude quake which shook the state just over a month ago


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Shortly after the second tremor, the Geoscience Australia website went offline due to “technical problems” with “all web services and applications” before reporting any data.

The website is still reporting technical difficulties.



Another earthquake felt in West Gippsland

UPDATED: 5.3 Magnitude earthquake hits south of Trafalgar, Gippsland



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7 responses to “4.3 magnitude earthquake second to rock Gippsland in five hours (UPDATED)”

  1. paul warren-smith says:

    My partner felt the earthquake whilst sitting at the kitchen table,I was cooking tea and standing,as blokes do,didnt feel a thing here in Boolarra.Tea was nice though

  2. Ray Goddard says:

    Sitting in a quiet room in my Vermont South home, I felt the quake and noted the time as I thought it may well have been one.

    I could have been easily convinced that is was not a quake and that it was merely a truck passing by or a possum running across the roof.

    So, it turns out it was. No damage or any histrionics here, just a very tiny, almost indiscernable, squeak in the timber framing of the house.

  3. Robbie says:

    As above said by Ray Goddard – was sitting eating dinner with hubby and heard creak in timber framing – i said oh thats probably an earth quake (joking) but we thought it was a possum or house settling in cold weather. Geez..we seem to be getting more these days..

  4. Libby Mitchell says:

    I am in Yallourn North and last time was really terrifying…our walls waved and our floor rose and fell in ripples coming across the room, with things flying of shelves and the walls! The quake also went a lot longer.

    This time it seemed to come from a slightly different direction…and a large solid chair just shook from side to side and the floor rattled beneath it…nothing more and over in seconds. I still got goosebumps though…thinking it would be like the last one!Poor NZ…if they feel this shaking fairly often!

  5. Jenjazen says:


  6. UTF says:

    My sister-in-law felt it in Springvale.
    I was driving, and didn’t feel it.

    Gosh…Hoping we don’t have a big one hit.

  7. Georgina Brackley says:

    We felt it.. Pictures shaking rumbling under the floor.. The next day l went outside to find another tree up rooted not happy:(