On shaky ground: Geoscience Australia revises earthquake location
 Baw Baw News   By // 14:11, Thursday 5 March 2015

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GEOSCIENCE Australia is no longer reporting a 2.9 magnitude quake south of Warragul, instead reporting a 3.1 magnitude tremor south of Trafalgar.

No damage has been reported by the State Emergency Service.


The agency briefly reported two quakes, the other south of Warragul at Ellinbank, having occurred at 12:35 today.

The Ellinbank listing has since been removed from the earthquake monitoring agency’s maps.

This story will be updated with new information as it becomes available.

Did you feel the quake? Let us know below.


Old coverage

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GEOSCIENCE Australia, the government-run earthquake monitoring agency, has reported a quake south of Warragul.

UPDATE 13:55: Another quake, magnitude 3.1, has been recorded south of Trafalgar.

UPDATE 14:00: The State Emergency Service has not received any reports of damage or injury as a result of the earthquake. Advice is to be aware that aftershocks may occur and those may cause damage.

The 2.9 magnitude quake hit shortly after 12:30 at Ellinbank.

Geoscience Australia has not finalised its recording of the incident and details of quakes are often modified as more information is gathered and confirmed.

The quake depth is estimated at 10km.

This story will be updated with new information as it becomes available.


Did you feel the quake? Let us know below.

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5 responses to “On shaky ground: Geoscience Australia revises earthquake location”

  1. martin fraser says:

    In Warragul, did not feel a thing.

  2. Lauren says:

    Yes felt this one in Trafalgar South – only small movement of the lights and picture frames – no damage

  3. peter j broughan says:

    My wife and i were watching tv last night, and we heard rumbling and it sounded like trucks ,thought it was a quake however there was no shaking of ground,
    We live between Longwarry and Drouin.
    I have no idea what time it was,, This was on March 4 2015,i hope this helps.

  4. Tam Taffs says:

    I also felt it at 12:30ish today in Traf.First thought was a train vibrating my bedroom walls and window.Soon realised it was a tremor due to the rumble sound that’s different from a train passing on the highway.

  5. Rita Sharrock says:

    Yes I felt the earthquake at Hernes Oak at 12.35pm. A small wall rack containing some crockery above a butchers block on an internal wall rattled for a couple of seconds and it sounded like a gust of wind.