Icy Creek toilet out in the cold
 Baw Baw News   By // 18:51, Saturday 11 April 2015

BAW Baw Shire Councillors have ruled to put a block of council-owned land in Icy Creek, which includes a public toilet, up for sale.

First published in the 27 March 2015 edition of the Warragul & Baw Baw Citizen.


During the council meeting held on 25 March, the recommendation to sell the land at auction was moved by Warragul ward councillor Joe Gauci, but was not unanimous.

Councillors Cook, Brown, Kostos, Gauci and Murphy voted for the sale, while councillors Power, Jones and Williamson voted against it.

Warragul ward councillor Joe Gauci said “the policy of this council has been to utilise anything that’s not needed and then [make use of the funds from that.]”

“The state of the toilet is actually in quite bad repair.”


The council ruled that the toilet would be permanently shut down at the end of the 2015 winter season and that the pull-off zone for cars and garbage disposal would be kept out the front of the premises.

Drouin ward councillor Terry Williamson raised concerns about tourists’ use of the road.

“It feels we’re deserting a little outpost,” he said.

“Years ago, tourism was just as important as it is today.

“If the septic tank has been going for 30 years it’s doing well.

“It shouldn’t cost much to fix.”

The council welcomed submissions from those who live close to the property, as well as those who own sites at Mount Baw Baw Alpine Resort.

The council was sent eleven recommendations concerning the site.


Ten of those recommended that the toilets should remain open, as the Noojie public toilets were not situated on the main thoroughfare.

However, a council report said there were three public toilets at Tanjil Bren, Noojie and Willow Grove which were “within a reasonable distance” of Icy Creek.

Seven of the recommendations mentioned the site was one of few places in the area where drivers could pull over to rest, and there was a risk of the area becoming a place for littering without amenities.

Cr Gauci said there would still be plenty of space at the side of the road for people to pull over.

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One response to “Icy Creek toilet out in the cold”

  1. Lee Pattinson says:

    I really think the Council have made a big mistake and may regret it as the area has become such a tourist attraction & believe you me when driving from Neerim Sth or Noojee to Icy Creek I would want a quick stop Before attempting the windy road to Tanjil Bren.