Jindi Cheese sold to French company
 Baw Baw News   By // 09:47, Tuesday 4 December 2012

JINDI Cheese has been sold to French cheese company Lactalis after a strategic review by present owner Menora Foods saw the manufacturer cut from their portfolio.

French owned: Jindi Cheese has been sold to Lactalis.
Image: William PJ Kulich.


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Menora Foods Assistant Managing Director Sam Schachna told The Warragul Citizen last week the over 350 employees at the company will be offered jobs under the new owners.

“Lactalis will be taking on all employees and Franck Beaurain will remain as the CEO of the business,” Mr Schachna said.

Menora was looking to sell Jindi after a strategic review saw the business move away from manufacturing.


“Following from a strategic review of our business we agreed to go for what’s core to us, which is sales, marketing and distribution,” Mr Schachna said.

Jindi is estimated to have been sold for around $20 million.

Mr Schachna said the sale was an “opportunity” for both cheese makers and heralded the success of Jindi, which recently became the first company to win champion white, blue and washed rind awards in the same year at the Australian Grand Dairy awards.

“It’s a testament to the people of Jindivick… that the number one cheese company will be taking on Jindi,” Mr Schachna said.

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4 responses to “Jindi Cheese sold to French company”

  1. UTF says:

    Sooo is it still halal?

  2. Aaron S says:

    Who cares if it’s still Halal, this is Australia. 🙂

  3. Robert Conkey says:

    No more Jindi for me !

  4. UTF says:

    Aaron S: Pardon your ignorance. About 250,000 Australians do.