Jindivick trail and Drouin parkland named
 Baw Baw News   By // 17:10, Friday 22 February 2013

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A HORSE riding trail in Jindivick and newly created parkland in Drouin have been officially named by the Baw Baw Shire Council.

Image: A Dolly Trolley on Trinca’s tramline. The trolleys were used from the 1880s onwards.

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The trail which runs near the former Trinca tramline from West Jindivick Road to the entrance of Nangara Reserve will now be known as the Jindivick Bridle Trail.

The name was not the first choice of the Jindivick Progress Association, who pushed for the trail to be officially named.


“They put the first name forward and that was Trinca Trail, [but we] had another road in Baw Baw named Trinca,” Councillor David Balfour said at last week’s council meeting.

“Hopefully now we’ve got this out of the way, it’s taken quite some time, we can go out there and put some signs up to indicate and let people know what used to [be there].”

McNeilly Park

Newly created parkland in the Jackson View Estate has been named McNeilly Park.

The name came forward in a naming competition run by the estate.

Fifty-six entries were received and forwarded to the council’s Internal Place Naming Committee. The internal committee then shortlisted the entries for presentation to the Place Names Advisory Committee.

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2 responses to “Jindivick trail and Drouin parkland named”

  1. 3bbrfm says:

    it would have been good to know who the park was named after.

  2. Phil Maguire says:

    Well that is an inspired name. A bridle trail. Very original thinkers we have on council.