Mason Street roundabout works to start next week
 Baw Baw News   By // 06:47, Friday 8 September 2017

Warragul drivers can expect 12 weeks of road works on Mason Street while two new roundabouts are constructed.

Baw Baw councillors last month accepted a tender to build roundabouts at the street’s intersections with Albert Street and Palmerston Street. Mad Cat Constructions Pty Ltd won the gig at a cost to the council of $728,689.50 excluding GST.


A council spokesperson told the Baw Baw Citizen works will begin Monday with the Albert Street intersection. That project is expected to take six weeks, after which Palmerston Street intersection works will begin and take a further six weeks.

Workers have already begun marking out the Albert Street intersection ahead of construction commencing.

Image: Mason Street viewed from its intersection with Palmerston Street.


At their meeting, councillors also supported a small roundabout at the Mason Street/Williams Street intersection and authorised officers to finalise designs and tender for construction this financial year.

Overall, roundabout construction and street improvement works including widening and resurfacing are expected to cost up to $1,039,316.00 excluding GST.

Two mature trees are expected to be lost through construction: one to make way for angle parking outside 61 Albert Street, and an English Elm too close to the Palmerston Street intersection. The elm is covered by a heritage overlay (HO88) and an application for its removal will be submitted to the council’s planning department.

Landscaping and public lighting works will take place as part of the project.

More information and full plans can be found in the minutes of the last meeting. (Click here)

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2 responses to “Mason Street roundabout works to start next week”

  1. Warwick B says:

    Round a bout? What is a bout?

  2. Lee P says:

    Why 2 roundabouts? I have never had an issue travelling down Mason Street. I thinks it runs smoothly as it is.