McKelvie disappointed by Labor's budget
 Baw Baw News   By // 15:55, Friday 24 May 2013


GREENS candidate for McMillan Malcolm McKelvie has responded to Wayne Swan’s federal budget, expressing disappointment about continued subsidies for mining companies.

Dr McKelvie, who earlier this month told The Warragul Citizen climate change will be his key concern heading into the September election, said Labor’s budget was “disappointing”.


“Labor will spend $10 billion in this year’s budget subsidising the biggest mining companies to look for and burn fossil fuels like coal, oil and gas,” Dr McKelvie said.

“That’s equivalent to $66 million for every electorate in the country that could have been spent in the community.

Dr McKelvie said improved mental health services in regional areas would have been a wiser investment.

“$66 million spent on rural and regional mental health services in McMillan would transform the experience for those with mental illness and their families and friends,” Dr McKelvie said.


“The Labor party had the opportunity to manage the economy in a way that would build a more caring Australia.

“Instead we got $2.3 billion of university cuts, $1 billion taken from clean energy and the environment and continued punishment for single parents.”

Dr McKelvie listed a number of areas which he said required further funding.

“Instead of spending $10 billion on mining company fossil fuel tax breaks, Labor could have helped thousands of Australians out of poverty by increasing Newstart and reversing cuts to vital support for single parents,” Dr McKelvie said.

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2 responses to “McKelvie disappointed by Labor's budget”

  1. Roger Marks says:

    If Dr, Mckelvie is worried about Labor’s budget, I hate to think what a Green government would look like.

    No guarantee of power supplies; unemployment going up at a steady rate as they close down vital industries because they are not “green”; legalising of all sorts of death producing activity; sexual perversion legalised and applauded; mum and dad families consigned to the waste bin; compulsory birth control to name a few.

  2. Marc Schellekens says:

    The problem with the Greens is that they hate everything that makes them happy.
    In Mr McKelvie’s picture we see corrugated iron, a product of mining and coal fired electricity, we see bricks, a product of mining and coal fired electricity, we see glass, a product of mining and coal fired electricity, we see timber a product of logging, and I am sure that if we walked through Mr McKelvies home we would find many more examples of hypocrisy.
    Seeing the Greens bring down a budget would have people rolling in the streets with laughter.