More council windows smashed, previous offenders caught
 Baw Baw News   By // 16:00, Wednesday 17 October 2012

THE damage bill for smashed council windows is now close to $7000 after attacks on Baw Baw’s Smith Street offices and the West Gippsland Arts Centre over the weekend.

Baw Baw Shire CEO Helen Anstis told The Warragul Citizen the attacks are similar to those on the same buildings in August.


“Over the weekend the council had two windows smashed in a spate of similar incidents that have been occurring since the beginning of August,” Ms Anstis said.

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Smashed: A window behind Baw Baw’s Smith Street offices was boarded up after it was smashed in August. Photo: Will Kulich.

“The front door of the Smith Street Customer Service Centre was broken and the door behind the Arts Centre café were smashed with a paver from the nearby garden.


“The total value of broken windows since August is now close to $7,000.”

Previous offenders caught

Warragul Police Senior Sergeant John Brookes OAM said two girls, aged 14 and 15, have admitted to the August attacks.

Mr Brookes told The Warragul Citizen the girls from Moe and Morwell were caught after stealing a sledgehammer from a ute and using it to smash windows at a Warragul United Service Station.

The pair told police they were responsible for the council window damage while being questioned about the service station attack.

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One response to “More council windows smashed, previous offenders caught”

  1. Susan Dalrymple says:

    Theft and vandalism! So……what were their parents doing at the time?