New councillors on Baw Baw advisory committees
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[News short] BAW Baw’s newly elected and re-elected councillors have been appointed to represent the council on its advisory, steering and representative committees.

Advisory committees are made up of members of the community and councillors and are designed to act as a think tank for specific local issues.


The list of committees and representative councillors is below.

Councillors will hold their positions until November 2013, after which they may stay in their committees or change.

Group objective:Councillors 2012/2013:
Advisory Committees
Arts and Culture Advisory CommitteeTo provide advice to Council on matters pertaining to the Arts.Cr Harrington
Cr Murphy
Audit CommitteeRefer to the Audit Committee Charter for full details.Mayor (Cr Cook)
Cr Gauci
Cr Jones (alternative)
Australia Day CommitteeRefer to the Australia Day Committee Terms of Reference.Mayor (Cr Cook)
Cr Brown
Cr Harrington
CEO Performance Review CommitteeTo review the performance of the CEO against measures set by the Council.Mayor (Cr Cook)
Deputy Mayor (Cr Brown)
Cr Gauci
Cr Jones
Disability Advisory CommitteeProvide strategic advice to Council on access and inclusion of people with a disability.Cr Jones
Cr Brown (alternative)
Place Names Advisory CommitteeProvide appropriate advice and recommendations on
place naming matters as per Terms of Reference.
Cr Jones
Cr Power (alternative)
Red Tape Reduction CommitteeCr Jones
Cr Williamson
Cr Balfour (alternative)
Towns and Rural Communities NetworkAll Councillors
Environment Voice Advisory CommitteeProvide advice and recommendations in relation to strategies, education programs and issues. (Councillors have no voting rights on this committee.)Cr Power
Youth Action CommitteeA forum for young people to regularly meet and express their views on issues affecting them and their peers and to inform Council on strategies. (Councillors have no voting rights on this committee.)Cr Power
Cr Jones (alternative)
Baw Baw Business and Tourism VoiceTo provide advice and recommendations relating to key tourism and business strategies, projects and/or programmesTwo of:
Cr Brown
Cr Williamson
Cr Cook
Project/Steering Committees
Settlement Strategy Planning Project Steering CommitteeCr Brown
Cr Power
Cr Williamson (alternative)
Cr Balfour (alternative)
External Body Representation
Australian Local Government Women’s AssociationCr Power
Cr Jones (alternative)
Gippsland Emergency Relief FundCr Balfour
Gippsland Local Government NetworkMayor (Cr Cook)
Gippsland Regional Waste Management GroupTo facilitate the introduction of best practice waste management techniques into GippslandCr Harrington
Municipal Association of Victoria (MAV)Mayor (Cr Cook)
Timber Towns VictoriaTimber Towns Victoria is the representative voice of local government in relation to forestry on private and public landCr Harrington
Cr Balfour (alternative)
Victorian Local Governance Association (VLGA)Mayor (Cr Cook)
Walhalla Board of ManagementCr Balfour
Walhalla Tourist Railway CommitteeCr Balfour
West Gippsland Regional Library Corporation BoardManage the delivery of the Library services on behalf of the three member councilsCr Power
Cr Jones (alternative)
Baw Baw Community PartnershipMayor (Cr Cook)
Deputy Mayor(Cr Brown)
Peri-Urban Group of CouncilsMayor (Cr Cook)

Source: Baw Baw Shire Council



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One response to “New councillors on Baw Baw advisory committees”

  1. Cr Power is a good choice for the youth committee and i’m glad with the two councillors who put themselves forward for the arts