PTV warns V/Line customers of peak fare 'risk', confirms tram and bus benefits
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PUBLIC Transport Victoria has warned V/Line myki users to touch on and off at the right time to avoid paying a peak fare for an off-peak service.

Pictured: local man Benjamin Cramb touches off at Warragul Station.

The more expensive peak service fares to and from Melbourne are charged when a user touches off before 9am or touches on in the CBD between 4pm and 6pm.


Clarification (11pm): Peak fares are charged in all zones, Melbourne is being used here as an example.

A spokesperson for PTV told The Warragul Citizen the electronic ticketing system determines peak fares from Melbourne based on when a customer touches on, and to Melbourne based on when they touch off.

“myki only knows what time, and where and when a customer touches on and off and applies the appropriate fare,” the spokesperson said.

“A peak fare is applied where touch off happens in Zone 1 before 9 am on a weekday and when touch on occurs in Zone 1 between 4 pm and 6pm on a weekday.


“Passengers taking an off peak journey are advised to touch on appropriately for that journey as they risk paying a higher fare by touching on in a peak period.”

Free travel on metropolitan trains, trams and buses stays

The PTV spokesperson said V/Line customers will continue to get free travel on trams, trains and buses in metropolitan zones they travel through on their V/Line service.

One way paper tickets to Melbourne entitle travellers to one hour of free public transport in zones 1 and 2, but the myki system limits travel to two hours before users are charged an increased fare.

The spokesperson explained extra time is added to off peak myki tickets based on distance travelled.

“With the introduction of myki to V/Line commuter services customers still receive free travel on arrival in Melbourne,” the spokesperson said.

“myki charges customers a two-hour fare for the first trip of the day, but for V/Line customers additional time is added to allow them to complete long journeys.

“A customer travelling from Warragul to Melbourne (Zone 6 to 1), touches on at 5.05 am and boards the 5.14 am toward the city.

“This travel covers six zones, and because of the length of the journey one additional hour is added to the two hour fare to give them a three hour fare which expires at 9.00 am.


“The 5.14 am service from Warragul arrives in Melbourne at 6.59 am, providing the customer with two hours of free travel in Melbourne.”

Click here for The Warragul Citizen’s analysis of the costs of myki.

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5 responses to “PTV warns V/Line customers of peak fare 'risk', confirms tram and bus benefits”

  1. Simon says:

    Am I reading this correctly? The peak fare only applies if you touch on or off in Zone 1 during the nominated times? So if I get off the morning train at Pakenham, I won’t be charged the peak fare?

  2. Hi Simon,

    It applies to all zones – apologies for not making that clearer.


  3. Darryl says:

    We still lose.. Currently I have free travel ALL day when in Melbourne. With Myki, I get a 3 hour window.

    #notthesame #keeppapertickets

  4. Gerard says:

    I have noticed increases with Myki in the fares I will have to pay for my off-peak return fare Drouin-Dandy and my off-peak return Drouin- Richmond. Nothing has remained the same or reduced! I am putting off using Myki for as long as possible.

  5. Simon says:

    I’ve tested my theory – touched on at Warragul c 6:30 am, touched off at Beaconsfield an hour later. Was charged the off peak fare. Winning 🙂