Report to recommend Noojee Library closure
 Baw Baw News   By // 13:48, Monday 5 May 2014

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A REPORT recommending the closure of the Noojee Library will be presented to councillors next week.

Above: the Noojee Library. Photo from the West Gippsland Regional Library Corporation website.

Baw Baw’s Director of Community Services, Liana Thompson, told The Warragul Citizen the report had been drafted in response to low patronage.


“A report has been prepared for the next council meeting and the council officer’s recommendation is to close the library due to the limited hours of operation, small numbers of participants and the access to other library services,” Ms Thompson said.

“The council report will be public Friday this week when the council agenda is released.”

A source has told The Warragul Citizen it was unlikely council officers would suggest a mobile library replacement due to the cost of creating a stop and the steep roads leading to the town, however the final report is yet to be seen.

The Noojee Library opens once a week for two hours – 2.30pm to 4.30pm Wednesdays.


The next nearest library for Noojee townspeople is the Neerim South Library, which opens Monday to Saturday.

Councillors will respond to the report on Wednesday 14 May.

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6 responses to “Report to recommend Noojee Library closure”

  1. Ronni StClair says:

    As a resident of Noojee I find it sad that we will probably loose yet another of our very few services. Over the years the Library has been a great joy. We get very little of Shire finding here hearing it’s because of the small population. Not a good enough reason!

  2. David Wombat Lyons says:

    long way for those who live on Mt Baw Baw to drive to Neerim just to get a book or DVD. this will have wider effects than just the township of Noojee

    the council should in fact be voting to increase the library service from just once a week to twice, use the library to deliver a wide range of programs and services and stregthen the community.

    create an enviornment where families feel thay can live out of the big towns. If i was looking for a place to start my family- access to services including librarys would be high on the list and having to drive 30 minutes to a service would not be attractive. we want new families to come into areas other than just the big towns and they wont if these towns dont have services

    if baw baw shire wants to save funds- sell off one of its footy feilds

  3. The mobile library drives to Rawson…the road is no steeper or more dangerous to Noojee. Mind you, how long will the mobile library last? Looks like BBS is contracting to just looking after those within 10km of the M1. Voters in the North Ward always get a raw deal.

  4. G.W. Hound says:

    The road is way more dangerous, especially in a truck.Nothing like Red Hill on the road to Rawson. Feel for the North Ward, but if you decide to live remotely for the tranquillity or business opportunities, you can’t expect the same services you may get in the more populated parts of the Shire.

  5. Meri Borthwick says:

    If the council offers more flexible hours to access to the library then I would def use the library. At the moment, the hours that they offer is terrible, especially if you work during those hours. The council has more vested interest in the bigger town than the small town yet, we pay the same council rate as the big town do but we get BUGGER all in term of services. Lift you game Baw Baw Council. Rant over. 🙂

  6. Simon Duck says:

    Baw baw shire is once again trying to take our library !
    We all need to attend council meeting on 27th may at 6pm and have our say !
    Help !!!!

    Regards simon