Rise Up’s McMillan candidate: ‘we are at war in Australia’ against ‘those Afghanistans’
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norman baker the warragul citizen photo by william kulich

RISE Up Australia Party candidate for McMillan Norman Baker says Australia is unknowingly at war and he entered this year’s federal election to oppose Islam.

Listen to the interview: click the YouTube play button above to hear the full interview.


In an interview with The Warragul Citizen Mr Baker said he had no political ambitions and had entered the election to take on “those Afghanistans”.

“In my lifetime I never had any ambition to be a politician and I still don’t,” Mr Baker said.

“But our nation needs someone to stand up and there’s things going on in the nation that when we speak about them we have life threatening phone calls.

“We’ve got to be willing to put our life on the line for this nation – young men are going over to Afghanistan, they’re putting their life on the line and those Afghanistans (sic) are over here, and some others too, trying to take over this nation and putting [in] sharia law.”


Asked why he considered a small number of people in a minority pushing for law change to be a significant threat, Mr Baker said “it’s an easy question to answer.”

“They (Muslims) are less than two per cent of the population of Australia at present and they’re acting as though they’re the majority and people are listening to them as though they’re were the majority and they’re giving into them as though they’re the majority,” he said.

“The Muslim people don’t integrate into our lifestyle in Australia, they want to change it and they want to dramatically change it.”

When asked for proof that Muslims were not integrating Mr Baker initially declined to comment, but when pushed said Australia was “at war.”

“Well I know a few things I can’t speak about just now, it’s not the right time,” Mr Baker said.

“Let me say this: we are at war in Australia on Australian soil and most Australians that I meet don’t understand we’re at war.

“Why do you think we’ve got our soldiers over in Afghanistan? So as we’re not fighting on our own soil.

“If we bring them back here too quick (sic) we might find we’re fighting this thing on our own soil, and it’s the Muslims that are causing it.”


Mr Baker said he had “read some of” the Koran and did not consider himself an expert on Islam.

Violence in the Koran was a major concern for Mr Baker, but he said he was not concerned about violence in the Christian Bible.

Mr Baker said his focus was on federal issues and pushing for fixes to local issues would not be his focus if elected.

“It’s not easy for me to speak of local areas at the moment, but at the moment I’m looking at the big picture, because even though we’re in McMillan we’re Australians and what we do over the nation is going to affect us in McMillan,” Mr Baker said.

“When we can do that and get our nation back and… grounded on a good solid foundation, which we’re losing… well then we can look at the more minor things and look at the very little towns and things and see what we can do then.”

Mr Baker said if elected he would see himself as a minister in parliament, for example “a minister for education [or] prime minister.”

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11 responses to “Rise Up’s McMillan candidate: ‘we are at war in Australia’ against ‘those Afghanistans’”

  1. Angus Smith says:

    Damn it, I was going to run for education prime minister

  2. Gary Rumain says:

    Jan 1, 1915 was the date of the Broken Hill picnic train massacre when two Afghans murdered Australians out celebrating the new year. That was nearly 100 years ago, so many have forgotten. But let’s not forget the centenary of the first jihadi terrorist attack on Australian soil.

  3. Fraser says:

    wow what a uneducated and malicious person.

  4. roy says:

    I first met Norm Baker when he was a secondary teacher at the Warragul Tech School over 25 years ago and he was a fool then, Trying to sell the merits of Amway selling to students while he should of been teaching the class/content he was paid to do so.

    Seems 1/4 of a century not much has changed regarding Norm.

  5. Rocky Lore says:

    Muslims DON’T want to adapt. They only go to Australia for the welfare benefits.

  6. Derpdetector says:

    Just did a little Googling – Rocky Lore is hardly an expert on Aus politics. From the looks of things he’s a Yank: http://www.jihadwatch.org/cgi-sys/cgiwrap/br0nc0s/managed-mt/mt-cp.cgi?__mode=view&blog_id=1&id=8190

  7. Helen Bolton says:

    I smell a racist attitude and this candidate will be last on my list!

  8. Abu Umar says:

    Oh dear. Has this guy ever read a book…Ever?
    Seriously knows nothing of Islam, Politics, or Australian society. Then again, he is the candidate for Rise Up Australia, so expecting anything even resembling a ‘well thought out argument’ would surely be setting a very high standard for him.

    I voted over a week ago…F*** Up Australia got number 13. I hope you all do the same.

    Please, don’t give them anything. They’re just going to continue to try and take a steaming crap on everyone’s intelligence.

  9. Abu Umar says:

    Honestly, it shows Eff Up Australia weren’t too picky with their candidates. Not that they would have had the best selection to begin with…

  10. Abu Umar says:

    “Muslims DON’T want to adapt. They only go to Australia for the welfare benefits.”

    Funny. I can dispute that as a Muslim myself who has never received a single hand out in his entire life.
    …In fact, every Muslim I know (and that’s a lot) pays their own way.
    Then again, based on your statement alone it’s painstakingly obvious you’ve never met a Muslim, so your ignorance and prejudice is of no concern to me. Enjoy people laughing at you.

  11. Barry Howlett says:

    0.69% of the vote shows what the people of McMillan think of Mr Baker and his ideas – a good result for McMillan in my opinion – what’s “Judo” Christian anyway? a mixture of japanese martial arts and scripture readings?