Rise Up's Norman Baker takes aim at abortion
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NORMAN Baker has begun campaigning for the Rise Up Australia Party ahead of this month’s state election.

Above: Norman Baker in Drouin on Friday. Picture: William PJ Kulich.

If his name is familiar to you, it may be because the former Warragul Technical College teacher, pastor and flight instructor stood for the same party in this region at the 2013 federal election.


During that campaign he was most notable for his views on Islam and having no desire to actually become a politician.

In an interview with the Warragul & Baw Baw Citizen on Friday, Mr Baker said his focus this election was on preventing abortions.

“The main drive this time is to do something about eh abortion law,” he said.

“It’s a bad law, a real bad law.


“We’ve already made a petition to the government and the media, we’ve sent them a letter.

“We were down at the abortion clinic [in east Melbourne] only a few days ago and we had a meeting with the press there.

“The petition was to do with the illegality of what they’re doing, the abortionists. There’s a 20 year penalty for what’s going on.”

Asked why he considered abortions illegal, Mr Baker said: “Because they are ripping babies apart inside the women, taking them out piece by piece.”

“The commonwealth law overrides the state law, and the commonwealth law says you’re not allowed to do poorly to people. There’s a 20 year jail sentence for that.”

Mr Baker said he did not expect to win, but was hoping to gain support for the party’s upper house candidate.

He said he still had no interest in becoming a politician.

“No, I still don’t want to be, but I must be or I will have to be,” Mr Baker said.


“Someone’s got to get in there who is willing to say what they mean, willing to put their own money in there, and stand there and be trusted.”

Mr Baker said he was spending $10,000 on his campaign this election.

“I’ve been in Australia all my life, I’m about five generations (sic), and Australia’s slipping away,” he said.

“It’s moving away from the basic Australia it used to be, right? So we have such a thing as a culture, we’re a Christian monarchy, we’ve got a Christian queen.

Mr Baker said the majority of people in Australia identified as Christian, but when asked whether that pitch was resonating well in the face of a rapidly growing number of people in the region identifying as “no religion” on the census he took aim at the churches.

“They don’t preach Jesus in a lot of churches, and that’s the problem.”

At the federal election Mr Baker’s pitch proved unpopular with McMillan voters, polling much lower than the informal vote.

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4 responses to “Rise Up's Norman Baker takes aim at abortion”

  1. Jan Stuut says:

    Religious views imposed on others are at the heart of so much human conflict and misery. Regarding abortion it is again a man who seems to want to tell a woman what is best regarding such a difficult decision.Norman should practice his faith without imposing it on others. He would do well to reflect on his own motivations and spend his money on gaining more insight and give us all a break.

  2. Trust me, people who are aware of what ‘Rise Up Australia’ are all about, are not surprised by any of the stupid stiff they say.
    Or the fact their party name sounds like an erectile dysfunction support group.

  3. Stupid stuff*
    How embarrassing…

  4. Roger Marks says:

    jan, do you support the rabid pro-death feminists imposing thier views on others who have a different view?

    At the March for Babies last year, the feminists invaded the march and even went as far as knocking down elderly ladies who were using a stick to walk.

    Do you support their actions?