Rudd's policies will make little difference in McMillan: Labor candidate
 Baw Baw News   By // 20:01, Thursday 27 June 2013

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KEVIN Rudd’s return to the prime ministership is unlikely to make a difference to policies which affect McMillan and could cause complications, according to Labor’s candidate for the seat Anthony Naus.

In an interview with The Warragul Citizen six days before Mr Rudd toppled Julia Gillard as PM, Mr Naus said it was hard to say what would be different under Mr Rudd.


“It’s a difficult question because you have multiple factors,” Mr Naus said.

“I don’t think the policy will change too much at all.

“The popularity contest does really come into it and the polls do say Kevin Rudd is… more popular with the voters, but that could all fade away.

“A lot of things could happen [in] these next three months: he could be put in, but then you have to have a seamless transition, you have to have none of this bombarding from inside the party and all these factors.”


Mr Naus indicated Mr Rudd’s loss of popularity toward the end of his first tenure as Prime Minister indicated the party could experience complications this time around.

“[If you ask] person-to-person in the electorate [do they] like Kevin Rudd or Julia Gillard, I would have to say they do like Kevin Rudd, but still there’s all these complications and when he was in power, when he was Prime Minister, opinion polls were going down, down, down.”

“So if he was put back in I don’t have real assurance that he would do any more or any greater than Julia Gillard will.”

Last night Mr Rudd won a leadership ballot called by then-Prime Minister Gillard 57 votes to 45.

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4 responses to “Rudd's policies will make little difference in McMillan: Labor candidate”

  1. ‘Down, down, down.’
    I thought Anthony used to work at Woolworths.


  2. patrick ono jacobs says:

    down down , he sounds like a worker for coles and with that HUGE tie on he looks like Ronald Mc Donald …. God is this the best labor can do for a candidate ? too young , too green …

  3. 1. Jokes work better when you say them first.
    2. Be less harsh, and give the guy a go.
    3. Explain why age is a factor.
    4. What do you mean by ‘too green’, and how is that inheritly a bad thing?

  4. Roger Marks says:

    if the candidate has no confidence in Rudd, why should he expect us to vote for him?