Seeing red over rural roofing
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BAW Baw’s countryside could soon become more colourful if a motion by Drouin ward councillor Terry Williamson is successful.

First published in the 24 April 2015 edition of the Warragul & Baw Baw Citizen.


Cr Williamson told the Warragul & Baw Baw Citizen he was in the process of preparing a motion to remove roof colour restrictions from Baw Baw’s farming zone.

“I see it as a red tape issue, and I suppose if you can dictate what colours you’ve got to have in a rural area for buildings, it’s akin to saying ‘well, you’ve only got a choice of four colours next time you buy a motorcar,'” Cr Williamson said.

“It’s absurd, and people are very colour conscious anyway and it’ll average itself out in the end.”

Cr Williamson said there was no difference between roof colours except personal preference.


“If you fly over the area, which I have and I have photographs to prove it, every colour is reflective at a certain time and that looks like a grey colour.”

Cr Williamson said the change would simply involve removing the colour clause from the zone requirements.

“It’s a bit of ill wind,” he said.

“People get upset over being told what colour to use.”

Asked if many constituents had made complaints about the colour restrictions, Cr Williamson said “heaps of people complain.”

“I suppose it applies even to the municipality,” he added.

“There was a case where a shed was to be built out at the Neerim South show and they got funds, but never enough funds to allow for $2,000 extra Colourbond.

“We resolved that, but you’ve got to remember the shire is responsible for that site. That’s like saying the owner requests a colour, but that’s not like telling a farmer to colour it this way or the other.”


Cr Williamson said he expected a motion to be before the council “in the next couple of months.”

He has sought feedback on his Facebook page.

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One response to “Seeing red over rural roofing”

  1. Lee Pattinson says:

    I take it that Cr Williamson has consulted with the Air authorities on this before putting the motion to the Shire Council- they would be the authorities on this as to whether or not their may be an issue? I would hate to think there has been no consultation!