Seven speeding fines in 45 minutes: Trafalgar
 Baw Baw News   By // 19:20, Monday 30 October 2017

It took police just 45 minutes to clock seven drivers speeding through Trafalgar this morning.

Image: a driver allegedly found to be driving through Trafalgar at 105km/h this morning. Source: Baw Baw PSA Eyewatch.

The Princes Highway’s speed limit through the centre of the town is 60km/h, but divers were recorded travelling at up to 105km/h.


A Warragul Police spokesperson said the 105km/h driver lost their license for six months as a result.

It has been a busy few days for police working Trafalgar’s stretch of highway. On Thursday, a Hallam man was booked for travelling at 136km/h though Trafalgar East’s 110km/h zone.

A spokesperson for that incident said officers “were disappointed with the majority of the cars passing the intercept not slowing to 40 km/h.”

New laws require drivers to slow to 40km/h when passing stopped or slowly moving emergency vehicles with flashing lights or sirens on.


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4 responses to “Seven speeding fines in 45 minutes: Trafalgar”

  1. Paul De Graaf says:

    I am not surprised…. I live in trafalgar and go in and out all the time. And sitting at speed they curse me and fly past at 100+. The worst times I find are at night and at both outward bound sides before reaching the 110 post. I certainly would like to see more police in trafalgar to get the message accross

  2. Shona says:

    Dosnt suprise me at all, as a Trafalgar resident I see it all the time especially either side of town where speed limit drops. Also the amount of people who run the red light, early morning is the worse. Keep catching them guys, you do an awesome job on our roads.

  3. Tegan says:

    I’ve walked across the hwy at the lights and had cars speed through even though it was a red light. Also crossing the hwy at Davey drive to get across is a nightmare as cars do not slow down. I’m shocked. Their hasn’t been more accidents

  4. Nicole says:

    That’s great news to hear that people are getting what they deserve for speeding on the other hand slowing down to 40 when police lights are flashing is ridiculous when doing high speed off 110 on highway,through the town and streets not so bad slowing down to 40 as speeds in town and street are not that fast anyway so makes it safer to slow down but not on a highway that’s looking for accidents to happen even deaths theirs going to be someone that doesn’t slow down and the other is doing 40 and collide it will be narsty but I would blame the law as I think slowing down on a highway is wrong would of been better if we could merge to the right lane but slowing down rediculous for the highway but in town yes it’s a good idea as of low speed being done anyway.
    Good to see the one doing excessive speed are getting tickets now it’s time to get the burnout people along Traff east road (back road)