Trafalgar sewer connection complete
 Baw Baw News   By // 19:10, Monday 14 December 2015

baw baw shire sign for the warragul citizen newspaper by william pj kulich

TRAFALGAR // WORKS started in August to connect the Trafalgar Recreation Reserve to the sewer main have been completed.

First published in the 11 December 2015 edition of the Warragul & Baw Baw Citizen.


Baw Baw Shire spent $265,000 in capital works funding on the project, which has seen six facilities at the reserve connected to the sewer main. The main ran to an neighbouring property.

Five septic tanks which until now served the reserve have been decommissioned.

Works to repair ground disturbed during the sewer connection project will begin soon, according to the council.

“Connecting the reserve to the sewer main is the most sustainable option when compared to replacing the septic tanks,” Baw Baw mayor Joe Gauci said in a media release.


“It also removes the public health and safety risks associated with septic systems.”

The works were completed in time for the Lions Club Swap meet, which attracted 2,000 people to the reserve.

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One response to “Trafalgar sewer connection complete”

  1. Rod Cheatley says:

    As Secretary of the Reserve Committee of Management, I have written to Council Officers congratulating them on their conduct of this project.

    We appreciated the consultative process in the planning stage and regular updates during the course of construction were gratefully received.
    In particular, we are grateful for the unexpected extensions to the original scope of works which make provision for the future.

    Their performance during this project has been exemplary and relations between TRPCoM, user groups and BBSC have improved markedly.