‘Significant’ earthquake hits south-west of Moe
 Baw Baw News   By // 21:34, Sunday 8 July 2012

A 2.9 magnitude earthquake which hit south-west of Moe tonight is being classified as “significant” by Geoscience Australia.

Details of the quake are yet to be finalised, but residents of Yarragon report feeling the tremor.


The earthquake happened at 8.48pm.

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This follows a 5.3 magnitude quake which hit south of Trafalgar last month.

That quake was initially reported as being south of Moe, but was later revised to be positioned south of Trafalgar.


The location of tonight’s quake is reported to be closer to Moe than last month’s.

The green marker shows the location of tonight’s earthquake. The yellow shows the location originally given for last month’s earthquake, while the blue marker is the actual location of last month’s quake.

Written with thanks to Col Barns.

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One response to “‘Significant’ earthquake hits south-west of Moe”

  1. UTF says:

    Wondering what could have made it ‘significant’?